What is Harmony?

Viability analysis on the harmonization of common data type categories for the road and public transport network.


Accelerate the deployment of Multimodal Information Services in Madrid - Alcobendas, improving the efficiency in urban mobility.

Ease and automate the exchange of information among different actors and systems taking advantage of potential synergies.

Contribute to the standardization of data set, interfaces, control system...so as to facilitate the collaboration among the stakeholders.

Provide feedback and guidelines to other European cities and regions to step in and continue transforming urban mobility as we know it.




The pilot in Madrid-Alcobendas is already on track integrating real-time data from different transport operators and improving multimodal information services.


The pilot is deployed in San Sebastián de los Reyes and Alcobendas since March 2017 monitoring the transit data in the north of Madrid.

The data from the different operators will be integrated in the most widespread formats and standards, both official and unofficial.

The Harmony tool has been designed with the aim of facilitating the data interpretation to the different operators and stakeholders.

The early successes of the pilot have already been explained in the different activies organised to raise awareness about Harmony.



  1. 1st demo in INTERBUS, Madrid

    May 18th, 2017

    On the 18th of May, INTERBUS hosted in its Control Center in Alcobendas a meeting organized to show the developments carried out during the first period of the action, and to showcase how they can help the operators to share the information with other 3rd parties.

  2. Connected Europe Conference, Tallin

    Sep 21st, 2017

    The main focus of the conference was to identify policy actions and financing solutions to invest in the Transport sector with the perspective of the post-2020 EU financial framework.

  3. TRAFIC, the International Safe and Sustainable Mobility Exhibition, Madrid

    Oct 24th, 2017

    TRAFIC, the International Safe and Sustainable Mobility Exhibition (24th-27th of October of 2017), held its 15th welcoming over 100 companies from 11 countries to show the most innovative side of the industry. The exhibition provided a comprehensive view of the world of efficient mobility and road safety, including different mobility initiatives.

  4. IV Edition of InnovaCarretera - Technology Demonstration of Road Infraestructure Sector, Madrid

    Nov 07th, 2017

    This fair took place in Madrid on November 7th 2017 and involved the participation of HARMONY, habilitating a space for the purpose of its dissemination.

  5. Visit of the European Commission

    Feb 27th, 2018

    On 27th February, the European Commission visited the pilot of the Harmony Project, deployed in Alcobendas, DGT and the bus operator INTERBUS. The session opened with a welcome from the mayor of Alcobendas in the headquarters of the local Police, where the first results of the pilot were presented and the group had the opportunity to watch the tool in action. The second stop was DGT, active collaborator in the project, and finally the headquarters of INTERBUS, where Harmony helps the operators of the control center to deal with the daily mobility issues. Various media have echoed the visit, informing about the ambitious objectives of the project which ending in December 2018.



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